A Little About About Me

Last year, I took a road trip to Canada for my birthday. While I was there, I bought a point and shoot camera in Calgary. I broke that camera a week later and bought a Nikon 3200 in Idaho Falls, ID. I got frustrated with that camera within a month and ended up buying a Nikon 5300 that same Christmas. I thought that would be a perfectly adequate camera. Except it wasn’t. I now own a Nikon D500, finally a camera that I can work with! When I started this journey, I only bought the first camera so I could take a picture of a duck. Now, if I don’t go out and shoot pictures several times a week, I feel like I have been cheated and like I’ve cheated myself. It is actually the first time I’ve started a hobby and discovered it was a passion. And it has completely and utterly changed my life.

Before my obsession with photography, I did (and still do) many things. I worked in the film industry in the 1990s, first as a producer’s assistant, then as a development executive (technically while still being the assistant) and finally as an Associate Producer. I briefly gave that up to go back to graduate school at UCLA in Critical Studies for Film and Television. That stint lasted far longer than I intended and I ended up in the Ph.D. program, still at UCLA, my producing career all but abandoned for academia. After almost 10 years of teaching film, television, communication studies and English composition, I needed a break.

I worked in the finance department for a luxury water brand and then I moved into corporate training for them. While I learned a lot on that job and I will be forever grateful for having it, once that position ended, I realized a valuable lesson: I hated working in an office. I felt trapped. At least when you teach, you have the freedom to go outside for large chunks of the day. It was at this point that I moved back East for two years and reassessed my life.

Now, when I am not taking pictures and traveling, I am creating new products for my Etsy shop: Chasing the Dragonfly. In the meantime, I have also become a Reiki Master for both people and animals, but I prefer to work with the animals. I am also a certified Life Coach. I have been developing a program for men and women in their late 30s and beyond to learn how to incorporate their passions into their work life to help them become more centered and at peace with their world. I incorporate using manifestation and law of attraction techniques to help bring about a positive change in my client’s lives. When I’m not doing any of that, I am writing how-to books, novels and TV pilots.